What's Happening?

Intuit Ecstatic Dance

Come immerse yourself in rhythmic sounds from around the world.  Come feel the Live DJ sound as you express your surrender through movement and dance.

Please wear comfortable clothing so you may have freedom of movement. Please bring a water bottle and a hand towel, you may dance up a sweat.  If you have a token such as a crystal or other meaningful object to put on the community alter please feel free to bring it. 

WHEN: November 24, 2019

WHERE: It's Possible Event Venue

               1777 Alexandria Dr.

               Lexington, KY 40504

(Located just behind the Chase ATM in the plaza.)

TIME: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

COST: $10

Ecstatic Dance Agreements

This is a Free-form Movement Space

To maintain ultimate freedom we agree to the following:

  • No talking on the dance floor.

(Please whisper off the dance floor only.)​

  • No street shoes on the dance floor

  • No showing up drunk or drug enhanced

  • No pictures or video

  • No perfumes or scents (Please be clean)

  • Respect the space, other's space and the collective space.

When approaching others:

  • Listen for a "Yes." (Get eye contact first.)

  • Respect any "No." (Includes when you are being ignored.)

  • Respect the solo dancers' right to their space.

  • Hands in prayer at heart means, 'I see you.' and 'Thank you for the dance that just ended.'

This is a transformation space for Healing, Prayer and Free-form Movement.​ You will be asked to leave if you do not respect these agreements.

Thank you!

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