Chakra Health

Everyone has chakras.

You may know just a little or you may know a lot about them, either way it can be challenging to know how well our chakras are functioning from moment to moment. When our chakras are balanced:

     *We have great physical health and feel really safe and stable in our lives.

     *We are easily able to express our emotions and are truly in touch with our sensuality.

     *We have passion in our lives.

     *We feel self-empowered and confident.

     *We are clear about our purpose.

     *Our relationships are loving, kind and compassionate.

     *We express ourselves truthfully and creatively.

     *We trust our intuition and have a strong spiritual connection that is our guiding force of life.

This chakra health check can give you some insight into the state of your own chakras. It is not about judging yourself in anyway; it's about awareness. The more conscious we become, the more we can make the necessary changes to live a balanced and healthy life.

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